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Q: What is the polymer used in making of car rear lights?
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What is a polymer which is used to prepare Chew gum?

There are many, but I believe amylose and acetate are the two most used polymers in gum making.

What is sodium tetraborate better known as?

Sodium tetraborate is more commonly known as borax. It is often used as a cross-linking molecule between polymer chains, making the polymer more rigid.

What is the use of natural polymer and non natural polymer?

A polymer is used in plastic, therefor it has countless uses!

Which is the recommended polymer for water bottles?

Polymer is used as an absorbent in diapers.

What is polyvinyl plastic used for?

it is one of the polymer family which makes it a polymer

Is polyvinyl carbazole used as polymer electrlyte?

yes pvk used as electrlyte as blend with other polymer

What is a dental polymer?

Dental polymer is used along with a monomer it is a catalysts and a base. example- acrylic is used to reline dentures to make them fit better, which is a polymer and monomer.

What plastic polymer is used to make combs?

Polystyrene plastic Polymer is used to make combs.

What fuse number is used for the rear turn signals on a 1998 Chevrolet Camaro?

The turn signals are not fused front and/or rear. If the rear are not working you need to check for power and grounds for the lights.

What colour is the wire for the running lights in the rear?

Generally brown is used for running lights, green for right turn and brake, yellow for left turn and brake.

What is the structural formula of the polymer used in PVC?

PVC or polyvinylchloride is a polymer of the ClHC=CH2. As a polymer: [-C(ClH)-CH2-]n.

What polymer are balloons made of?

Balloons are made up of a polymer, rubber. the reason for rubber being used in making of balloons is that rubber is an example of an elastomer type polymer, where the polymer has the ability to return to its original shape after being stretched or deformed. The rubber polymer is coiled when in the resting state. The elastic properties arise from the its ability to stretch the chains apart, but when the tension is released the chains snap back to the original position.

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