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Q: What is the percentage of people that drive a car in Canada?
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What percentage of people that own a car in Canada?


What percentage of people drive a car world wide?


How many people own a car in Canada?

Give or take a little less than half of the people who live in Canada drive a car.

What percentage of people drive a car in the US?

According to the US Census, in 2006 24.6% of the US population was under 18. Since most of these people do not drive, the percent of people who drive must be lower than 75%. Assuming 17% of people under 18 drive, the percentage of people who drive a car in the US is 61%.

What percentage of canadians drive?

an average Canadian drives up to 15 km a day.

What percentage of people drive a car in Iraq?

its suprising to me that 0% of people in iraq drive cars, tanks are hot on the market. i hope i helped

Can a Canadian drive a rental car from us to Canada?

A Canadian Citizen can not drive a car with US plates into Canada. I'm not sure why, only that its a Canada rule.

Can you drive a US-reg car into Canada from US if you are not the owner the car?

yes you can drive but it is harm to have the car without the owner

How long can you drive to canada by car?

Depends on where u are

What percentage of college students drive a luxury car?


Are you able to drive a car to bucharest Romania?

Not from where I live. I would have to ship the car from Canada to Europe and drive the rest of the way.

How long does it takes to drive from ottawa Canada to vancuver Canada?

It takes about 44 hours long to drive from Ottawa, Canada to Vancouver, Canada. The actual distance by car is 4,815.7 km.