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As long as you legally possess the gun, none. Texas does not require registration of ordinary Title I firearms.

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Q: What is the penalty for having an unregistered gun in a car in Texas?
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What is the penalty for having no car insurance?

20 lashes from the plantation owner

What is penalty of having gun?

Depends on the law where you are, and whether it is legal to have a gun, and what you were doing with it. Without that information, we cannot even guess at an answer. Sort of like "what is penalty of having car?"

Can a unregistered car be impounded?

yeah any car can be impounded

Is it illegal to drive an unregistered car?

yes it is

What happens if you get caught in Texas with no car insurance?

You have to pay penalty fare which is maximum $5000 and points on your license.

If your car insurance gets cancelled what is the penalty for not having insurance on your car?

your insurance co will notify the DMV and then can suspend your license

Can you drive an unregistered car to get a smog test?

no its illegal

Can you drive an unregistered car with insurance?

You can but it wouldn't be legal.

If you drive a car with insurance but not registered what are the penalties if stopped in Connecticut by police?

If you are driving an unregistered motor vehicle on a public highway in Connecticut and are contacted by police, the most likely result will be the officer writing you a ticket for operaration of an unregistered motor vehicle and having your car towed, since unregistered vehicles cannot be driven on public roads. The ticket will cost you $117 and the tow bill (which will NOT be covered by AAA since you are in violation of the law) will be a minimum of about $80. The state statute regarding operation of an unregistered motor vehicle is CGS 14-12a.

Can you register a car that is already registered and about to be cancelled if you are on the title?

no it has to be unregistered

Can they tow your car for driving an unregistered vehicle in NH?


Is it against the law to park a unregistered vehicle at a business that repairs cars with for sale sign on it?

No; and it is pretty much no problem having the vehicle unregistered or the registration is expired, the problem comes when you drive it or someone wishes to test drive it. Additionally your car insurance maybe an issue.