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The door and the ignition on most cars

The lock cylinder.

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Q: What is the part called where the key goes in a car?
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What is the car remote called?

It is called the key Fob.

Is a car key considered a car part?

No. However, it is usually catorgized along with them.

What is the car key thing called?

You might be referring to a car key case. You could also be referring to a key fob. A key fob has built-in authentication.

What Car part that starts with k?

· keyless entry system · key . Knock sensor,

What part do you need when you have to hold the ignition key on while YOUR driving A Mazda 626 1986 cause if you let go YOUR car goes off?

Most likely the keyswitch has failed.

What is the ignition cylinder housing on a car?

The ignition cylinder is the part you turn your key in to start the car, this is in its housing.

What is the name of the car's part where the key comes in to ignite the engine?

Ignition switch

What part of speech is keys?

The part of speech for "key" depends on how it is used. See the examples below. Do you have a key to our house? (key = noun) Please summarize the key ideas. (key = adjective) He was very angry, but I don't think he'd key the side of my car. (key = verb)

Your BMW key does not keep a charge since you do not drive it much dealer says only fix is to drive car more often anyone know how to charge it some other way than in the ignition when car is running?

if you are talking about the latest key with a mechanical key part on it, with the three buttons with the roundel in the middle for the lock button then, yes!! the dealer is correct, the way it works it there is a capacitor in the key and that is what powers the buttons for locking and unlocking, when you insert the key into the ignition there is a plastic ring peace that goes around where your key goes into your igntion, that is called the antenna ring, it read your ews code ( anti theft code that allows you to start the car) and also charges up the capactor via magnetic wave in your key, as long as the key is in the ignition and turned to position 2 it will be charging, so either put your key in and turn it on WITH A BATTERY CHARGER HOOKED UP TO YOUR CAR or drive it, however it does take a couple hours for the key to be fully recharged. good luck.

Does any one cut Lexus g x 470 keys?

Only the dealership can cut a Lexus key because the chip that allows the key and car to communicate is part of the metal part of the key.

When you turn the key to start the power goes off?

if it does then if your talking about a car your ingine battery or carboreater is bad

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