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Q: What is the paint code fo a 2003 orange z1000?
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What is the Paint code for kawasaki pearl wildfire orange?


What is the paint code for pomegranate red?

red, brown, purple, orange

Where is the paint code on your Pontiac sufire 2003?

on the rear window

What color is the general lee car?

Chrysler paint code EV2 or "Hemi Orange".

What is the paint color code for a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000 color Orange?

Well, not sure about code but..its called Orange/Black or Tangerine/Black. hope this helped u!

What is the paint color code for the Burnt Orange color of a 2008 Ducati sport 1000?


What color is paint code PR8 on a 2003 Dodge Durango?

Deep Molton Red

What is the paint color code for a 2003 Yamaha motorcycle color silver-white?

the color is silver-white

What is paint code U529F 56B found on 2003 buick lesabre?

It is located on the spare tire cover.

What colour is the paint code for red Renault laguna 2003?

the code will be on the v.i.n plate under bonnet ,usualy last 3 numbers of a sequance

What color did they paint a Power King Tractor?

I painted my Power King Tractor, Allis Chamlers AC orange when I did the restoration work it. Power King 98-4052 Orange is the old paint code for Power King Tractors. IF you want to repaint your old P. K. You can get the paint from Custom-Pack Products Inc.

What is the paint color code for a 2003 Suzuki bandit 600 motorcycle color yellow?

look under the petrol tank for a sticker.on this will be codes one of which is the paint code write all down and wit this info goto www.banditmania. .they have all the paint codes for bandits.hope thic helps