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Buick, opened its doors in 1899. Dodge Motor Company follows in 1900. In June 1903 is Ford Motor Company followed by Cadillac in August 1903.

If you count automobile manufacturers without regard to whether they are still being made, then Oldsmobile was founded in 1897.

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Q: What is the oldest American car manufacturer?
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Who is the Oldest automobile manufacturer?

Mercedes-Benz- made the first car Buick is the current oldest American car co. still in business.

Longest car manufacturer name?

Ford Motor Company is the oldest car manufacturer.

Which is the oldest car manufacturer?

Mercedes Benz

What is the oldest Japanese car manufacturer?


Who is the Second and third oldest car manufacturer?

peugot and tatra, respectively.

What is the oldest car manufacturer in the US?

Ford, in 1903 they produced the model T.

The oldest US car manufacturer still manufacturing cars today?

Ford of course.

What car manufacturer is responsible for the Explorer?

The car manufacturing company that is responsible for the creation of the Explorer is Ford. Ford is an American car manufacturer, and is the second largest in the United States.

Who is the oldest American car maker?

Buick is the oldest American car maker. It opened its doors in 1899. Oldsmobile was founded in 1897. Lasted 107 years until it was phased out in 2004.

What is the worlds oldest car manufacturer?

Mercedes-BenzEDITED: Mercedes-Benz is not the oldest company.The worlds most oldest car manufacturer is Holden,Australian. It was founded in the year 1856.Not many people know this because Australia is not a noticed country.A:Another twist in the oldest car manufacturer is that, Benz design was alight three wheeled carrage with belt drive around the engine , the car first ran on the streets of Mannheim in June 1886. Benz did not build a four wheeled car until 1891. It was only after seeing the success of Peugeot and Panhard & Levassor that Daimler and his assistant, Wilhelm Maybach, began to think in terms of complete cars, rather than just engines. Peugeot then could be one of the oldest car manufacturer's, They had a factory established in 1896 "Society des Automobiles".Peugeot also had a steam powered tricycle at the Paris World exhibition in 1889.

Who is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world?

Beretta is the oldest firearm manufacturer that is still in business. They began in 1498.

Where can you download the American map for your car navigation?

From the manufacturer's website. You will have to pay.