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Slow down.

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Q: What is the number one rule for driving in bad weather?
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How many people die from driving in bad weather each year?

Reports and studies say more than 1000 people die from bad weather while driving.

What is the proper course of action if driving in rough or bad weather?

If driving in rough or bad weather make sure you have switched on the lights and wiper, reduce your speed, brake gently to avoid skidding. If feasible, stop and postpone the journey till the weather improves.

Is driving an automatic transmission in low a bad thing to do?

If you are not driving up or down hills, or in start & stop traffic, bad weather etc. I wouldn't recommend it.

What are risk factors for whiplash injuries?

Osteoarthritis of the spine increases the risk of whiplash injury. So do poor driving habits, driving in bad weather, or driving when tired, tense,

What is the number that walmart associates call in bad weather?


Why is your head light shinning dim?

500feet of an approaching car within 300 feet of a car in front of you when driving on lighted roads when driving in bad weather

What is the relationship between the weather and increased number of car accidents?

Almost 90% of fatal crashes happen in daylight in clear, dry weather, according to NHTSA stats. Bad weather can affect how far you can see, to be aware of obstacles. It also affects the performance of stopping distances, due to lack of friction. So accidents increase with bad weather. Not all people apprciate these differences and do not alter their driving style to adapt to it. Hence crashes.

What can happen while driving in bad weather besides crashing?

sliding off the road and maby falling off a bluff.

What makes temp gauge go down to 140 while driving in col weather?

a bad, or no thermostat might be suspected.

When following another car what is a good rule to determine the distance which you should follow behind?

It is actually called the 3 second rule. It is on the Illinois driving test.Another View: Another good rule is TEN feet of separation for every TEN miles an hour of speed that you are driving (e.g.;. Speed of 5o mph = 50 feet between you and the other vehicle).

What is the difference between a bad weather and bad weather?

This is what most people would say if they read this question: The difference is that they are both the same so there is no difference because the bad weather and bad weather are both the same things anyways. but that is totally wrong because a bad weather and bad weather are not the same a bad weather is one but bad weather can be more than one . And also a bad weather has a in front of it and bad weather doesn't So from my discrimination it could be 60% right. Call em hot and sexy babes .my name is Annalisa

When the barometer falls can you expect good weather or bad weather?

We would get bad weather