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A typical idle speed for a normal car engine is 600 rpm to 1,000 rpm. It is higher for buses and motorcycles. RPM stands for revolutions per minute.

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Q: What is the normal engine idle RPM?
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Why does your gmc sierra idle 1500 rpm yet when you shut it off and restart it will go to normal rpm?

It is normal for a GMC Sierra to idle fast when it is first started. It will idle at around 1500 rpm until the engine warms up. To get it to slow the rpm's sooner, a person can tap the throttle once and it should slow down.

What does the idle controvavlve do?

It maintains engine idle rpm when the throttle is closed.

What is the normal oil pressure for a dodge neon?

Normal is 20-30 psi at idle. 40-60 at 3000 rpm. Minimum at idle is 10psiNormal is 20-30 psi at idle. 40-60 at 3000 rpm. Minimum at idle is 10psi

What rpm should engine be at in a idle on a ford escort zx2?

750 rpm

What is the normal oil pressure on 1993 jeep 4 cylinder?

10psi is minimum. Normal would be 30 at idle, 60 at 3000 rpm.10psi is minimum. Normal would be 30 at idle, 60 at 3000 rpm.

What is the correct idle RPM for 1995 Toyota Camray 2200cc engine?

About 600 RPM

At what RPM should your truck be when timing it?

Idle speed is normal.

Idle RPM for 350 Chevy engine?

800 rpms.

What is the correct idle speed for a 2004 Toyota Sienna?

It is controled by the computer snd should be about 600 rpm. The idle speed solonoid controls it with a signal from the computer. GoodluckJoe It should be 750 RPM after the engine is warmed to normal operating temp.

How many RPM's should a engine in a 1972 Barracuda idle at?

anywhere from 800 to 1000 RPM.

Fiero 2.8 v6 what does the iac do If faulty can it make my engine idle at 2300 RPM?

The IAC valve is just that...The Idle Air Control Valve. It is responsible for keeping the idle at set parameters. And yes, it can make the engine idle at high RPM.

Lexus es300 has low idle when on ac and put on drive?

700 to 750 rpm is normal. if the engine stalls, you may have to replace the IAC (Idle Air Control) Motor. they get stuck.

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