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Q: What is the name of the part of an engine that moves up an down inside a cylinder?
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What is a cylinder jug?

The "cylinder jug" is the cylinder. This is the area that the piston and piston rings moves up and down in when the engine is turning.

Within an internal combustion engine the can shape component that moves upand down the cylinder is the main moving part in the engine is?


Within an internal combustion engine the can shaped component that moves up and down the cylinder and is the main moving part in the engine is the?


Within an internal combustion engine the can-shaped component that moves up and down the cylinder and is the main moving part in the engine is the?

it is called a piston

What is cylinder ridge?

In a internal combustion engine, a cylinder ridge is an unworn area around the top of the cylinder wall. In that engine, the piston moves up and down in the cylinder, and the rings seal the piston in that cylinder. But the rings are spaced "down a bit" from the top of the piston. And when the piston reaches top dead center in the cylinder, the rings haven't gone all they way to the top of the cylinder. They end up wearing the cylinder out "underneath" that top area. In other words, it's the top part of the cylinder that is not in contact with the piston rings. It's the "unworn" part, if you will.

How does a car engine develops?

A car engine has many moving parts hundreds of them and they all have to work or the engine won't work, but it is very simple to explain how it works. When you ride a bike you are the engine.your legs go up and down and round and round. The pistons do the same thing, as you push down on the pedals the bike moves. The pistons do the same thing, they push on a part called a crankshaft and the force is transferred to the transmission and then the wheels and the car moves. An engine that uses gas was once called an internal combustion engine. In simple terms it has fire and pressure inside the cylinders where the pistons are. A car engine is like a steam engine they work the same way. But the pressure is made inside the cylinder and not in a boiler as a steam engine does .It's the pressure that makes it go.

What the piston in engine moves down due to combustion but how does it move up?

In the case of a single cylinder engine it would require a LARGE flywheel, so that rotary momentum is maintained. In the case of a multi-cylinder engine there are multiple firings of individual cylinders in 360 degrees of crankshaft rotation. Each cylinder as it fires helps the crankshaft maintain rotary momentum, thus a lighter flywheel is required.

How do you know when the Master Cylinder is going out?

Start the engine. Place you foot on the brake pedal, and press fairly hard and hold the pedal down. If the pedal very slowly, moves toward the floor any at all, the master cylinder is defective. Replace it immediately!!!!!

Rotates the crankshaft as the piston moves down the cyliner?

i am doing a coures in tafe inspect and service engines and i would like to know this rotates the crankshaft as the piston moves down the cylinder

Is the internal combustion engine's fuel burns outside the engine in chambers called cylinders?

Internal combustion refers to an engine were the combustion process takes place inside the engine. The cylinders in question are an internal portion of the cylinder block which houses the crankshaft, connecting rods and the pistons which move up and down in the cylinder drawing in the air fuel mixture, are forced down by the combustion process, and push the spend fuel charge out of the cylinder at the end of the cycle. An example of an external combustion engine would be a steam engine where the combustion takes place in a boiler external to the engine and the steam generated by the boiler is used to motivate the engine.

How does a car engine use gasoline for power?

cars get power from gasoline because when the gas enters the cylinder the spark plug explodes the gas which pushes the piston down and turns the crank shaft which moves the car

When friction sometimes is a problem?

Machines with moving parts will have some amount of friction that makes them less efficient, wears them out, and can make them overheat. In a pump, a piston moves up and down inside a cylinder. If it rubs against the wall of the cylinder, that wastes energy. It should move with minimal friction.