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Nitrogen , check out this site,

Typically, plain air. Nitrogen is used in high-performance racing tires and in large aircraft tires.

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Q: What is the name of air used in the vehicle tires?
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Why a lot of air can be contained in a vehicle tire?

that's because the tires of a vehicle is rubber, and it can expand.

How much air is required in the tires?

Depends on the vehicle and type of tire.

What type of air is used in Hyundai tires?

There are no 'types' of air. Air is all just air. - Some people do use nitrogen in tires - that is not air.

How often to check the tires air pressure in commercial vehicles?

The tires air pressure is checked every morning, before operating the vehicle. This standard procedure is part of the daily vehicle inspection. If a vehicle is hauling hazardous materials, the tires must be checked each time the vehicle is parked, and before continuing the trip. It must be checked for every trip thoroughly, and have an exact checkup for every 200 miles.

Tires air pressure?

It depends on the tire type and the load of the vehicle. Tire pressure is the amount of air in a tire that inflates the tire to the maker's specifications. For specific tire pressure on a specific vehicle, please look at the sidewall area, as most tires display the recommended pressure according to maximum load.

What is an air-cushion vehicle?

An air-cushion vehicle is an alternative name for a hovercraft.

How much air to be filled in the tires of different vehicles in summer and winter?

The max air pressure is usually printed on the sidewall of all tires. The vehicle will have a different recommended tire pressure, look for a label on the driver door jamb. The same pressure spec is used in all seasons.

Why do you need to change the winter air to summer air in your tires?

No, you don't have to. Air is air, no such thing as summer or winter air just check and maintain the proper air pressure required for your vehicle.

How can rubber support the weight of a vehicle?

Rubber is capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle because it is able to contain air. Car tires have tubes that are filled with air pressure and these can sustain the weight of a truck.

What goes in a tire?

Air or nitrogen is used to inflate tires

What will you experience a blow out in one of your front tires?

Normally from overloading the vehicle or running the tire low of air, or both.

When would a person need to install air jacks on thier vehicle?

Air jacks are helpful if you have a need to lift the vehicle up off the ground. Many people will do this if they want to work on the car or on the tires.