What is the name of a convertable car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tt convertable

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Q: What is the name of a convertable car?
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Is a Top car trunk removable?


What is Naill horan fav car?


A car with removable top?

Maybe "Convertable"

Sharpay's car in high school musical?

a convertable

What is the most popular Chevrolet car?

1957 convertable

How old do you have to be to drive a convertable sports car?


What car does Billie Joe Armstrong have?

black convertable BMW

What is convertable car?

A car with a retractable roof, it can be "soft"/ canvas or a foldable hard top.

How do you find a Nash metropolitan car?

Let me know when you do, I want a convertable.

What kind of car does Gerard Ways drive?

A black mini convertable.

What is a simulated convertable top?

During the 1970s, in Australia at least, it became high auto fashion to laminate Vinyl to the roof of the car to simulate a convertable. I think that is what you are after

What car does jay-z own?

Fiat 500 convertable with a red roof