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Permeable is one antonym.

Also, if an object is water-resistant it is not waterproof. A water-resistant jacket is most often added as protection to get a person from their car to the inside of a building.

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Q: What is the name for something that is not waterproof?
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For a kids craft that needs to be waterproof can they paint with washable kid paint and then I can spray with something to make it waterproof?

What it can do is to make watercolor.(sometimes,it makes waterproof)

What is the name of waterproof adhesive which is available in China?

Waterproof Adhesive PP Film

How do you make something waterproof?

Use a waterproofing product.

What is another name for a waterproof rock?

A rock that is waterproof is non porous or non permeable.

Is a superdry windcheater waterproof?

Yes the Superdry Windcheaters are waterproof. Hence the name Superdry.

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What is the name for waterproof overshoes?

Galosh galoshes

Are north face backpacks waterproof?

They may have one or two special styles that are. However most of them, while probably made of waterproof or water-resistant fabric, are not waterproof as a whole. To make something 100% waterproof, all the seams must be sealed and special waterproof zippers must be used.

What is the difference between waterproof and weatherproof?

Waterproof that if water gets on something it wont hurt it and weather proof is if something is in the weather it won't mess it up. I think that's what weather proof means

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Is a Nintendo Switch waterproof?

No!!! Both the New Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite are not waterproof so do not drop it in a pool or something!!!

Can waterproof go right underwater?

isn't that the whole point of waterproofing something?