What is the most fuel efficient speed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have found that for my Scion Tc the most efficient speed is 57 - 61 mpg. If I speed up slowly, slow down by coasting, and set my cruise control on while driving on the highway I can get well over the estimated 30 mpg. Like most things fuel efficiency depends on the vehicle. But somewhere between 55 and 65 should be right. Test it out for yourself during your daily commute and see. There are also some really good articles written about something called Hypermiling. I do not consider myself one of them but I do use a few of there techniques (the ones mentioned above) in order to be more cost and fuel efficient.

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Q: What is the most fuel efficient speed?
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Why are SUV most fuel efficient and why?

Many SUV's are not fuel efficient.

What is the most fuel efficient speed to go for a 93 gmc safari 4.3?

80 to 100kms per hr

What is the most fuel efficient motorcycle?

The honda cb 110 is the most fuel efficient motorcycle in it's class

What is the most dependable fuel efficient car 2014?

The most dependable fuel efficient car of 2014 is the Ford Focus.

Where can I buy the most fuel efficient SUV?

The 2012 Mitsubishi is one of the most fuel efficient SUVs in the market. It has 112 MPG and is very fuel efficient. I recommend the 2012 Mitsubishi for your needs.

What is the most fuel efficient van or minivan?

The Mazda 5 with 22 city 28 hwy for the 5 speed manual and a little less in the 5 speed automatic

Where can I find out what the most fuel efficient trucks are? has a list of the top ten most fuel efficient pickup trucks for 2013. also has a list of its top four most fuel efficient pickup trucks.

Which models are the most fuel efficient cars?

The most fuel efficient vehicles on the market today are usually hybrids. However, many small and economy sized vehicles on the market are not hybrids but are very fuel efficient as well.

Effect of gearing ratio on fuel consumption?

Gear ratios will let the engine run at the speed and load at which it is most efficient, which is good for low fuel consumption and an exhaust that is as clean as possible.

Most fuel efficient vehicle?

A bicycle!

How fast does Airbus 330 fly?

The cruising air speed (most fuel efficient speed) is approx.Mach0,82 (871 km/u).The top speed, of the Airbus A330 isMach 0,86 (913 km/u).

Is Freightliner the most fuel efficient brand of semi truck?

There hasn't really been a brand of semi trucks recognized as the most fuel efficient. Since they run on diesel a more efficient fuel, semi trucks already are more fuel efficient than cars in terms of size and power.