What is the most expensive vehicle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The most expensive vehicle is the Bugatti Veyton and it is $1,700,000.

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Q: What is the most expensive vehicle?
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What is the worlds most expensive vehicle?

The most expensive car being manufactured and sold today is the Bugatti Veyrnon.

What is the most expensive car sold in Miami?

The most expensive car sold in Miami is the Lamborghini. This vehicle is sought after by many famous celebrities and car enthusiasts alike. It is a great looking vehicle with pizazz.

What is the most costly military vehicle?

Usually, the most expensive military are air craft and battleships. Most expensive aircraft: B2 Spirit Bomber. $2.2B Most expensive battleship (aircraft carriers): USS Nimitz. $4.5B.

What dodge vehicle is the most expensive?

Since the Viper is currently not in production, the answer would be the Challenger SRT

What is the most expensive vehicle in the world?

Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Saleen, etc

What type of vehicle might give you a high premium?

The more expensive or power the vehicle has the more expensive it will be to insure

What car has the most cofortable seats?

That is subjective. What is comfortable to you or me may not be comfortable to others. In most case the more expensive the vehicle the more comfortable the seats.

What is the most expensive man driven vehicle in the world?

i think the nasa crawler which is Est 14 million US dollars.

Cost for catalytic converter?

The price varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some are very expensive and some are not.

With a development cost of over 6 billion this Ford vehicle was one of the most expensive new car programs ever?

Ford Contuor

Which vehicle are more expensive Lexus or BMW's?

It depends what you mean by which vehicle is more expensive... For Top Spec Lexus And Top Spec Bmw,Bmw Will Cost More,but is is german,so more reliable, but if something does go wrong it will be expensive to fix as parts are expensive.

Are bearings replaced in a car expensive?

Depends on the vehicle and which bearings. Wheel bearings, not so expensive. Main bearings inside the engine, expensive.