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Depends on the size of the trailer. It could be 1 7/8" or 2" or 2 5/16".

2 inch is the most common size used. It is what is used for most single axle utility trailers.

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Q: What is the most common size trailer hitch ball?
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What size hardware is required to install an after sales market trailer hitch on a 2003 liberty?

If your jeep does not have a factory trailer hitch installed then you would look one up online, in a catalog, or go to a hitch dealer, and find one make for your jeep. If you have the factory hitch receiver then you are most likely looking for what is called a ball mount. My 2003 liberty with factory hitch receiver requires a 2 inch ball mount. That's the outside size of the square tubing. You will also need the 'ball' itself. The size required is determined by the 'hitch' on the trailer or device being towed. 1-7/8 and 2 inch balls are common sizes. You may also need a T-One adaptor to hook up the trailer lighting. Anyone competent at Napa, AutoZone, CarQuest, etc. should be able to help you out if you need a personalized touch.

Why is trailer hitch noisy?

Most likely metal on metal and the scraping together of it

Do 97 mountaineers have a trailer hitch?

Most people have after market trailer hitches installed on their vehicles that are rated to pull things behind them.

Where is the best place to buy a trailer hitch?

A trailer hitch can be bought at stores like Walmart, Pep Boys, or U-Haul. Going to an automotive store like Pep Boys in person would be most efficient in finding the best fitting hitch.

How do you wire for trailer lights?

Most people run it coming out from under the hitch, down the rails, and then to their taillights.

What is the most common brakes on a tractor trailer?

The most common brakes on a tractor trailer are the s-cam brakes

Where is the VIN number on a jayco pop up camper?

It varies trailer to trailer. First place I would look is on the frame between the hitch and the body of the camper. That's where most trailer VIN numbers are.

How hard is it to install hitch carriers on older trucks?

The actual installation of the metal portion of the hitch is not difficult, providing you have the right tools. The most trying part of the installation will be the electrical. Most hitch manufacturers supply detailed diagrams on how to install the electrical, but they can be confusing. Here is a quick guide on what you might be in for:

Different Types Of Trailer Hitches?

In the simplest terms, the humble trailer hitch allows a vehicle to pull something behind it without having the item permanently attached. By disconnecting the hitch, one can remove a cement mixer, brush shredder, trailer, RV or anything else that can be pulled by a vehicle.There are different types of trailer hitches available, each with its own load rating and specific use. A load rating is how much weight the hitch can safely handle. It is essential that the tow vehicle's GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) be able to handle the weight of the tow object. If not, the tow vehicle's engine will burn out, or the vehicle will have great difficulty in trying to stop once it is moving.The Ball HitchThe most common hitch is a ball hitch. Just as the name describes, the hitch fits over a ball- shaped fitting on the back of the tow vehicle bumper. Clamps inside the hitch close around the ball, making a secure connection.Different sizes of balls exist for different trailers, so the user must match the hitch size to the ball. It is the only safe way to connect the two vehicles.The Goose NeckShaped like a goose's neck, this is commonly found on farm trailers. A shaft protrudes down from an overhead extension at the front of the trailer (forming the goose's neck), and clamps onto a ball mounted in the tow truck's bed. Sometimes these balls are attached to special framework attached to the truck, and sometimes they are attached to the frame.It is said the gooseneck configuration aids in the tow vehicle's ability to steer. It is more likely the driver's ability to handle the truck and trailer which makes the trip safe.The Fifth WheelThe fifth wheel is a nickname for a hitch that comes down into the bed of the tow truck. A circular pin comes down from the goose neck, where the hitch (attached to the bed of the truck) clamps onto it. These are commonly found in RV's, and users report that turning, backing and driving is much easier with a fifth wheel than other types of trailers.

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What is a tractor trailer fueled by?

Diesel fuel is the most common.

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