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Those that have air conditioning :-).

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Q: What is the most common car driven in Arizona?
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What was the most common car driven in the 1950s?

the most common car driven in the 1950s is the 2009 Chevrolet corvette ZR1

What is the most commonly driven car in America?


What is the most driven car in EU by country?

Volkswagen is by far Europe's most popular car manufacturer. There were 124,567 VWs driven out of EU forecourts December 2012, though this represents a 4.9pc annual fall. Almost 1.5m Volkswagen cars have been sold 2012. In detail it is the VW Golf which is the most driven car in the EU.

What types of damage can occur to a car when driven over a curb?

The damage to the car depends on many different factors. One of the factors is how fast you were traveling at the time of the incident. The most common result is a dent in the rim.

What's the most driven type of car in the world?

your question is worded wierdly but the most popular car in the world is the Toyota corrolla

What car has the most front leg room?

I am 6'8" and the car with most legroom I have driven so far is a Nissan Altima. Very comfortable for me.

Where is the radiator thermostat?

House heat will either have a mechanical valve on the radiator or an electrically driven valve with a wall mounted thermostat. A car will have it in the or on the engine where the outlet hose connects (this is most common)

Which companies have cheap collision car insurance in Arizona?

Allstate offers the most affordable collision car insurance in Arizona. Their rates are unmatched by any other provider.

What is the most expensive car in Uganda?

bently driven and owned by judith heard a model

If you punch a persons car with them in it does that constitute battery in Arizona?

No, at most it is damaging property.

What is the most common car used as a limo?

The Lincoln Town Car, in the past, was the most common, and likely still is.

Does your daughter have to register a car in Arizona if the car is your name and you live in Michigan?

Where ever the car spends most of its time is where it should be registered.