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At least 10 inches

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Q: What is the minimum distance to be away from an airbag?
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How many inches away do you have to be from an airbag?

You should sit at a minimum of 10 inches from the airbag.

What is the recommended distance you should sit away from an airbag?

10 inch or 11 inch

What is the maximum speed for airbag deployment?

there is no max speed for airbag deployment there is a minimum speed but that speed depends on make of car and airbag

Why is your airbag symbol lit up on your dashboard?

This means that the minimum weight has been met on the passenger seat for the airbag to be turned on.

How far away from a fire hydrant do you have to park in DC?

In Virginia, the minimum distance away from a fire hydrant you must be parked is 15 feet.

What is the minimum speed for airbag deployment on a 2007 dodge charger?

In the proper type of collision, the airbag could go off if you are sitting still.

How many miles away is Peru from Mexico?

Minimum distance is approximately 2580 kilometers (1603 miles) on a straight line.

How far can you park from the railroad tracks?

As far away as you wish. However local legislation may stipulate a minimum distance.

What is the minimum speed for airbag deployment on a 2002 Volvo?

The force of the collision has to be great enough

What is the maximum automobile speed for airbag deployment?

I don't think they have a maximum, only a minimum.

Must Drivers and passengers must stay a minimum of 4 inches from the airbag?


What is the minimum distance required by code that a vent needs to be away from an air intake?

10 feet away unless it terminates 2 feet above the top of such an opening