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The length of the train is15 x 18 that is 270 m

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Q: What is the measurement of the length of a train 15 cars long if 1 car is 18m long?
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What is the measurement for the length of a train 15 cars long if one car is 18 m long?

The length of the train would be 15 x 18 that is 270 m

How long is a train?

A train's length varies from its length and built. The underground subway train is only up to 70 ft long, while the locomotive freight train can get as long as 300 ft.

What are length and width?

Length is a measurement of how long something is. Width is a measurement of how wide it is. Width and length are the sizes of an object in 2 dimensions which are 90 degrees apart.

Why is length important?

the length is important because the length is one of basic measurement that we needed to use. so we are able to give an importance unto this measurement like length.

How long did it take for the train to travel at a speed of 25.0km with 15 cars?

Take the distance and divide by the speed of the train. That is how long it took for the train to travel.

How long is a Freight train with 12 box cars?

564 feet long

What is the Difference between length and long?

I dont know how the long can be explained but length means MEASUREMENT BETWEEN TWO ENDS

What unit of measurement do you use to measure the length of a journey on a train?

depends on which country you are in...mostly traveling distance is measured in km or miles. 1 mile = 1.6 km

Length is the measurement of?

Length is the measurement of the distance between two points. It describes how long an object is from end to end.

A train passes two bridges of length 800metre and 400metre in 100seconds and 60seconds respectivelyWhat is the length of the train?

At first, I thought there was not enough information, but there is. the train is 200 metres long.

What do you measure in kilometres?

A kilometre is quite a long unit of measurement. For this reason you would use it to measure large things on earth. For example:The distance between citiesThe length of a coastlineHow far a train journey is

Can the connubial train can be used as bridal train? maybe a little trouble to this ,for the length of the train is too long not fit for the wedding