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U Car is a vehicle rental company however that is the only thing shared commonly with U-Haul. U Car is a car sharing service provider and they specialize in group transport. It is often much cheaper than a typical rental car.

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Q: What is the meaning of U Car and is it anything like U-Haul?
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I need to rent a trailer to help in moving my vehicle. Will Uhaul be able to help me out?

Uhaul is a great service for moving all kinds of things, including large items like a vehicle. You may have a different kind of trailer (as well as a different price) than a regular moving trailer, but you're likely to find the perfect one to move your car with Uhaul.

Can you load a car inside a uhaul truck?

Im sure a Mini would fit.

Which car rental places in Houston, Texas offer the rental of a truck?

I think one of the best places to rent a truck is from Uhaul. They have great rates and you can return the truck at a different Uhaul location if you need to.

What is meaning of CAR?

The meaning of CAR is found in the abbreviations. It can mean anything from Committed Access Rate or Road. The sport team the Carolina Panthers moniker is CAR.

What are the requirements for renting a UHaul truck?

Age requirements to rent a UHaul car is 16 and the the trucks require an age minimum of at least 18. A valid driver's license is also necessary. It is also a requirement to have the money to pay for it.

Where does the car name Volvo come from?

Despite that Volvo is a Swedish company the founders didn't name the car Viking or Nordic or anything like that. They decided on the Latin word volvere, meaning to roll.

Where can I rent a car carrier?

Most businesses that rent trucks such as Uhaul will also rent you a car carrier.

Would uhaul have good used cargo vans for you to buy?

Uhaul usually only rents their vans (be it moving or cargo), they don't offer them for sale. Budget Rental Car and Hertz does offer their vans for sale after they've hit a certain mileage.

How much does it cost to rent a moving trailer from Uhaul within the city of Chicago?

Uhaul's pricing varies dependent upon which trailer you rent. They do have mulitple available, and your car will play a factor to which you can use. The most affordable trailer is $14.95 for 6 hours, pricing will change from there.

What modern day car would be like the ford model t?

There is no modern car that is anything like the Model T.

The driver of a rented Uhaul hits a parked car and leaves a not but the other driver does not call until two weeks later what can be done?

There are two ways to deal with this: 1. If the renter of the Uhaul purchased collision and liability insurance at the time of rental, then he needs to file a claim with Uhaul. Their insurance company will take care of it. 2. If the renter did NOT purchase Uhaul's insurance, then the driver is responsible and his personal collision insurance should take care of you. If the driver has no insurance, your other option is to take them to civil court or small claims court to recoup the cost of the damages.

What companies offer car hauler trailers for rent at a reasonable price?

There are a number of companies that offer car hauler trailers for rent at a reasonable price. A couple of the most trusted ones are UHaul and Specialty Trailer Rentals.