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50 ft

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Q: What is the maximum distance a load may extend in front of a car?
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What is distance load?

Load distance is the distance you have to bring your load up an inclined plane.

When is the efficiency maximum in a transformer?

the efficiency is maximum in a transformer when no load loss is equal to load loss.

What is maximum safe femur load in a car crash?

The maximum safe femur load, according to SAE is the allowable injury assessment value. The maximum femur load is 2250 lbs.

What is the minimum distance the forks should extend into a pallet using a forklift?

The forks should extend at least to the other edge of the pallet that is being lifted. However, a heavier load may need to be farther back, to prevent tipover.

What is maximum demand?

An electricity board will be fixed some amount of load for consumer (industry or commercial) as per consumers requirement.That is maximum load or maximum demand.

In a commercial building What is the maximum amp load you can install in a 200 amp load center?

200 amp maximum combined.

How can calculate maximum demand load?

maximum demand load can be calculated as: # maximum demand=demand factor * Connected load or by # maximum demand = connected load * Diversity Factor Note: Demand factor and diversity factor are NOT same

If a concentrated load is found to have 50 psi then what is the maximum piw for this load?


What is the maximum load capacity for this wall mount?

The Peerless SA750P-S has a maximum load capacity of 150 pounds and is designed specifically for LCD and plasma screens measuring 32" to 50". The maximum load capacity for this mount is 150 lbs.

what is the maximum weight load for this rack?

This rack does not have a maximum weight load listed as it is only for accessories such as jump ropes, cables and bar handles.

Why are distribution transformers frequently designed to develop maximum efficiency at loads that are somewhat lower than rated value?

It is always desirable to run any equipment or device at maximum efficiency for that matter, not only the power transformer. Power transformer maximum efficiency occurs when copper loss is equal to iron loss. (or no load loss equals to load loss). This does not necessariliy mean that maximum efficiency occurs at maximum or full load. Generally the maximum efficiency occurs at relatively less than full load of the transformer.

What is the difference between effort distance and load distance?