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Q: What is the mass of a truck if it is accelerating at a rate of 5 ms2 and it hits a parked car with a force of 14000 newtons?
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What is the mass of a truck if it is accelerating at a rate of 5 ms2 if it hits a parked car with a force of 14000 Newtons and nbsp?

POV: pepe popo check -gnome

How is a parked car an example of newtons first law?

it will stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force

A 5kg object is accelerating at the rate of 2 ms2 What is force acting on the object?

Force = Mass x Acceleration Force = 5 x 2 Force = 10N (Newtons)

What is the force produced by a 10kg mass accelerating at 2.5M's?

A mass doesn't produce a force by accelerating. It needs a force to make it accelerate. The force it needs is (mass) x (acceleration). In order to accelerate a 10 kg mass at 2.5 meters per sec2, you need a force of 25 newtons.

A book weighing 10 Newtons is at rest on a flat table What is the total net force on the book?

Since the book is not accelerating, we know that the net force on it is zero.

What is an accelerating force?

An accelerating force is the force which causes accelerated motion.

If an object with a mass of 2 kilograms is being pushed by a force of 4 newtons how fast is it accelerating?

force=mass*accelaration force/mass=accelaration 4/2=2m/s2

Mass of 2 kg accelerating at 40 m per second squared what is the force?

F = m A = (2) (40) = 80 newtons

What is the force of a 10kg object accelerating at 4 meters per second?

Force = mass * acceleration ( acceleration's unit is m/s2 ) Force = (10 kg)(4 m/s2) = 40 Newtons ==========

When a 10 newton falling body encounters 4 newtons of air resistant the net force on the body is?

6 newtons, so it keeps accelerating. As it does, the air resistance increases until it reaches 10 newtons so then the net force is zero and then the fall continues at constant speed (the terminal velocity).

What force is measured in Newtons?

Any force can be expressed in Newtons.

What is newtons?

Newtons is a unit for force.

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