What is the mass of a bus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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with or without kids?

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Q: What is the mass of a bus?
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What is the mass of a bus without kids?

The mass of the bus without children is 10 tonnes..

What is the mass of a large bus?

The modern Routemaster bus in London has a mass of 12.65 tonnes.

When would the linear momentum of a truck be greater than that of a bus?

Since momentum equals mass times velocity, if the mass of the truck times its velocity is greater than the mass of the bus times the bus' velocity then the momentum of the truck will be greater than the momentum of the bus.

Distinguish in between data bus system bus address bus?

A data bus system is a way that mass amounts of information can be transferred to a location. The bus address is the location that this information arrives at.

How far can you park from a bus stop in mass?

20 feet

Does Arizona have a mass transit system?

Yes. Phoenix has a bus system and light rail. Tucson has a bus system. I don't know if Flagstaff or Yuma have bus systems.

When comparing the momentum of a bus filled with fuel and people and a small car both travelling at the same speed which one has more momentum?

The bus has more momentum. Momentum is velocity times mass, if both vehicles are travelling at the same speed then they have the same velocity, but the bus full of people will have more mass. Therefore the mass component of the bus in the equation will be higher than that of the car, giving a higher overall momentum.

What is the mass of the silver dart what is the mass of the Saturn v rocket and atour bus and a oil tanker?

I fully asked you first

Is the momentum of a large bus greater than less than that of a small car traveling at the same speed?

Momentum is a function of velocity and mass, therefore, assuming a "large" bus has more mass than a "small" car the bus would have more momentum since the velocities are the same.

What takes more acceleration a bus or car?

Probably a bus because it has a greater mass. But its kinetic energy will be greater once acceleration is achieved.

How many pages does Last Bus to Woodstock have?

Last Bus to Woodstock is by Colin Dexter. The mass market paperback is 288 pages. The hardcover has 282 pages.

What is the mass transit system of Minneapolis?

Light Rail System and Metro Transit Bus System Light Rail System and Metro Transit Bus System