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Go to the dealer check the last 6 VIN digits from your truck they will know If its wired or not for DRL then buy the module and install it.

You have to remove the stereo and CB panel. the plug is underneath and is labeled DRL module.just plug in the new module approx 150 $ direct from KW dealer and your good to go.

Inside dash youl find fuse panel make shore all DRL fuse are in place.

If is not wired then you need air pressure switch that goes on the brake release hose. Cut the yellow hos insert a t Bras and the switch aprox 20 inches from the valve. for easy access remove the switch bar and the panel.then wire from head lights to switch air switch fuses. you may need a conversion plug for DRL module 8 pin.

i don't have a diagram but wen you have all the necessary parts its the same like a small car wiring diagram DRL module from Walmart.

If you don't know dealer it will charge you approx 1200 $ for parts and labor. good luck

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Q: What is the location of the drl module 2003 kenworth truck?
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