What is the legal tint percent in PA?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Pennsylvania, there is no tint permitted on the windshield. You can have a tint that allows 70 percent of light in on the front, back, and rear windows. Metallic and mirrored tints are not allowed on front or back windows.

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Q: What is the legal tint percent in PA?
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Is 20 percent tint legal in Houston Texas?


whats the legal tint percentage thats for automobiles?

The legal percantage for tint varies from state but normally ranges between 30-35 percent.

What are the different grades of legal car window tinting?

It just depends on where you live. Some states allow darker tint on windows vs where i live here in pa we arent allowed any tint.

What is the legal tint in Mississippi?


Is window tint legal in California?


Is 5 percent tint illegal in Texas?

5% window tint is legal only on the back windshield. The darkest tint you can have on the passenger compartment windows is 25% which is metered at the time of inspection and if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you are stopped with illegal window tint, Texas DPS troopers will have you remove it yourself, or cut it with a razor and remove it for you.

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Is it legal to have your car windows tinted?

Yes, you can tint your windows, but every state has legal limit as to how dark the tint can be. Anyplace that tints windows will know the law in your state.

What does the 35 percent of car tint mean?

It means the tint will allow 35% of light to pass through the window. Remember, car windows have a slight tint from the factory so you must add the aftermarket tint factor to the existing tint.

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Is 20 percent tint legal?

i have 20% front windows in Ontario and it fine for me even too lightAdded: There is no universal answer to this question. The tint percentage can. and does, vary from state to state and even locale to locale, including WHICH windows can be tinted and which cannot. You must check your local laws.

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