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You need a drivers license and do not need a motorcycle endorsement. It must be registered and you do not need to wear a helmet.

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Q: What is the law in Wisconsin for riding a 49cc scooter?
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State of MO laws on riding a Pocket Rocket 49cc?

what is the law in MO for riding 49cc dirt bikes on the sidewalk?

Do you need a license to ride a 49cc scooter in Hawaii?

Yes you do need a valid state drivers license to ride a 49cc scooter in Hawaii, but is not required to have a motorcycle endorsement on it. The law just wants to make sure you know how to drive a car.

Do you need a license to ride a 49cc scooter in Michigan?

Yes you need a moped permit which you can get form you insurance company. or a regular license. No you don't need a license to drive a 49cc scooter because it is under 50cc and there is currently no law on the 49cc. Until the law changes the only ticket you can get is for reckless driving like standing up with no hands or goofing off.

Can you ride a 49cc scooter in NJ with a regular license?

Yes you can all you need is a Standard NJ Drivers License You can only go on roads with a speed limit of 35 or less good for riding around town and having fun

What is an example of newtons second law referring to space?

An everyday event of Newtons second law is riding on a scooter. When you ride on a scooter, and you make your self go, but just let it go, the more mass that you have on the scooter, the greater distance it will go

Do you have to wear a helmet on a 49cc scooter in fl?

On any motorbike the law requires the rider and the passenger(if there is a passenger) to be wearing a helmet at all times whilst the vehicle is moving.

Do you need a Motorcycle endorsement for a 150 cc scooter in FL?

yes in the state of Florida any scooter above 49cc requires a motorcycle endorsement this law is in effect starting July 2000 and any one under 21 must have a helmet

Georgia laws for 49cc moped scooters?

just wear a helmet. The Ga. department of moter vehicles and the Ga state law states that a moter scooter or moped that has a moter that is 50cc and under, DOSE NOT REQUIRE A GA DRIVERS LISENCE.

What will happen if no helmet is worn riding a scooter?

Do you mean by law? Or by accident? Well if it is the later, then if you get in a crash you will more likely have more serious brain damage. You will most likely get in a crash if you ask such stupid question. lol jk. Not sure if the law make you were a helmet on a scooter. I know that on my bike I never were a helmet and have never had a problem.

Can you be 8 to drive a pocket bike?

you can but its against the law your supposed to be over 14 (if it is 49cc)

When was University of Wisconsin Law School created?

University of Wisconsin Law School was created in 1868.

South Carolina law on 49cc scooters?

According to the South Carolina law on 49cc scooters, you must be of age 15 or older. It requires a motorcycle license, an insurance, also a moped license tag bought from a licensed motorcycle or moped dealer.