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I beleive the factory spec is 4-6 degrees retarded.

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Q: What is the ignition timing on a 1976 ford 460 v 8?
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What is the timing for a 1976 ford F250 460 ci engine?


What is correct ignition timing for 72 ford 460?

8 to 10 degreds btdc

What is the timing for a 1979 ford f150 with a 460? shows the ignition timing for a 1979 F150 with the 460 cubic inch ( 7.5 liter ) V8 , automatic transmission , as 14 degrees BTDC

What is the timing for a 460 Ford?

The timing for a 460 Ford engine is 14 degrees before top dead center. The engine should idle at about 600 rpm.

How do you advance the timing on a 94 ford 460?

turn it to the right.

Timing advance clockwise or counterclockwise Ford 460?

Gose counterclockwise on 302-360-390 and 460.

What is the ignition timing for a 1970 Lincoln Continental witth a 460 emgine?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a ( 1970 ) Lincoln Continental , 460 cubic inch V8 engine The ignition timing is set at ( 10 * Before Top Dead Center )

What is ignition timing 1989 ford 7.5 liter?

10 degrees BTDC ( unless engine compartment decal shows different ) for the 7.5 liter ( 460 cubic inch ) V8 engine in a 1989 Ford truck

What is correct timing for a ford 460 1986?

8 btdc @ 800 rpm

What is timing set at for a 1988 e-350 Ford 460 engine?

12 degrees BTDC.

What is the correct ignition timing for a ford 460 cid motor Thanks?

It depends on the year, which engine code it is, what emission equipment is installed etc. Check the underhood specifications sticker - hopefully it is still there and readable. It should be in front of the radiator somewhere.

Where is the ignition module on a 1989 ford F-350?

if this is a 460 eng efi it should be on the side of the distributor. Hope this helps