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Q: What is the highest temp. in Greenland Ranch California?
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Where was the highest temp recorded in California on July 10 1913?

Death Valley.

What is the highest hot temp in north America?

The highest temperature recorded at Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California, was 56.7 deg C.

What desert in the US is the hottest?

death valley in southern California has clocked in the highest temp in the u.s so far.

Where was the highest temp recorded in North America?

Death Valley, California. 134 degrees or 57 degrees Celsius .

What is the highest temp in Caspian Sea?

the highest temp in caspian sea is 65 degrees

Temp agencies who hire convicted felons in California?

which temp agencies will hire felons in california?

How high is the temp on Uranus?

at the highest temp. it is -205 degrees Celsius.

How do you calculate the temperature range?

just subtract the highest temp. - lowest temp

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What the highest and lowest temperatures of the Sahara desert?

The highest temp in the Sahara is 136 degrees and the lowest temp in the Sahara is 86 degrees

What is Albany highest temp in July?

the highest temperture in Albany, New York is.......

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Critical temperature