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wheel size 7.75 inches wide and 14 inches in diameter.

Also see link.

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Q: What is the height and width of a 7.75x14 tire?
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What does the 65 mean on a tire?

That is the aspect ratio , or ratio of width to height of the tire

What number on a tire indicates the height?

No number specifically indicates the height. You can however figure the height with a little math. As in 245/70-15 the 245 is the width of the tire in millimeters. The 70 is the aspect ratio which means the tire's height is 70% of the tires width. So on this example the height of the tire is 171.5 millimeters.

The ratio of height of a tire to its width?

Is called the aspect ratio.

What is another name for a tire's size?

Width and Profile which is height.

Is 175 the height or the width of a tire?

If it's the number at the start of the tire ID ( eg 175/70/R/13 ) then it's the width in millimetres.

What do the numbers on a tire stand for?

Typically, they are Height/Width and Inner diameter size.

Are grooves in a tier called profile?

No the grooves are the tread, the profile is the height of the tire from the rim measured in percentage of tire width.

Can i put 16inch wheel on a car with 15inch?

Yes, if you have the correct width and back spacing. You will need a tire with a lower profile (sidewall height tire) to maintain tire diameter/height, or your speedometer will be inaccurate.

Aspect ratio in relation to tires?

Aspect ratio is the height of the sidewall compared to th width of the tread, in a 70 series tire, the sidewall height would be 70% of the tread width.

What do the numbers on lawn mower tires mean?

One number is the overall tire height, one is tire width and the other is the inside diameter.

How wide of a tire can be used on a 2005 jeep wrangler with 4 inch lift?

Width depends on the wheel offset, not the lift height, the lift will allow for about a 33 inch tire, but to get width you will need a different offset and width of wheel as well.

What do the three sets of numbers on tire size?

Say you have a tire size 205/60HR16:205 is the section width of the tire in millimeters. Section width is the overall width from sidewall to sidewall. Tread width is typically 90% of the section width. In the above size, the section width is 205mm.The second number is the aspect ratio. This is the percentage ratio of the sidewall height to section width. In the above example, the sidewall height is 60% of the section width.The last number is the wheel diameter in inches. So in the above example, the wheel diameter is 16 inches.The R in the size designation means the tire is a radial tire, as almost all car tires are. The letter in front of the R (H in the above example) is the speed rating of the tire. The speed rating is the maximum speed the manufacturer recommends for the tire.