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Fill the tank and set trip meter to zero. The next time you fill your tank divide the number on the trip meter by the fuel purchased = fuel consumption.

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Q: What is the formula to figure the gas mileage of your car?
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What is the formula to calculate mileage of car?

As in gas mileage. you take how many miles you can drive on a full tank and divide it by how much your gas tank can hold in gallons and then it should give you your miles per gallon.

Where can one look to figure out how to improve gas mileage?

One can look to figure out how to improve gas mileage by asking someone who works in the auto industry. Auto industry workers will have the knowledge about gas mileage or one can just go to the gas station and ask.

Do you get better gas mileage by car if you use higher octane gas?

Yes, higher octane gas does give higher gas mileage for your car. However, the increase in gas mileage may not as great as the increase in the price of the higher octane gas.

What is car mileage?

Car mileage is the distance a car can travel on a tank of gas. This mileage is also the number of miles on a car at any given time and is registered by an odometer.

What sites do I go to find out about gas mileage by car?

You can find the gas mileage of you car by searching it on and they have all types of other information that can tell you a lot about your car.

Why is car mileage important?

To save gas

What type of company car would get the best gas mileage?

The best mileage on any car usually comes from a hybrid car. The toyota prius and honda civic hybrid cars offer excellent gas mileage.

What car has the best car mileage?

The best car right now for gas mileage is the Toyota Prius. This vehicle has outstanding gas mileage. It gets 44 gallons in highway miles and 40 gallons for city driving.

Will a car get better gas mileage with higher tire pressure?

No. A car will get better mileage with the correct tire pressure.

When employee uses own car and company pays gas what is the mileage reimbursement?

When an employee uses own car and company pays for the gas what is the mileage reimbursement?

What is the gas mileage for a 2004 Chrysler ME Four-Twelve?

The Gas mileage for this car is 14 in city 21 to 22 highway.

How do you get better gas mileage for a tsx?

for any car to get better gas mileage get a better flowing intake and/or exhaust or get it tuned