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Q: What is the first self-propelled vehicle that used an OTTO cycle four stroke gasoline engine was produced in?
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How much horsepower does a john deere jx85 selfpropelled lawnmower have?

6 hp Kawasaki engine

What a vechile that run on petrol is called?

Automobile, gasoline vehicle, or vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

What produced in a gasoline engine other than mechanical energy?

Water is created in the chemical reaction of gasoline 'oxidizing' (burning).

What filters the exhaust systems in a car?

In a gasoline engine vehicle, the catalytic converter.

Where was the gasoline tractor was invented?

Charter Gasoline Engine Company of Sterling, Illinois, for first successfully using gasoline as fuel. Charter's creation of a gasoline fueled engine in 1887 soon led to early gasoline traction engines before the term "tractor" was coined by others. Charter adapted its engine to a Rumley steam-traction-engine chassis, and in 1889 produced six of the machines to become one of the first working gasoline traction engines.

What is the function of the fuel pump?

To move gasoline, under pressure, from the fuel tank in the rear of the vehicle to the engine in the front.

Why does oil smell like gas but compression is good?

Not knowing what vehicle and engine you have you may have a faulty fuel pump leaking gasoline into the engine crankcase.

Is carbon dioxide being produced by the combustion of gasoline in an automobile engine a physical or chemical change?

When the gasoline burns, it forms water and various gasses, so it is a chemical change.

Internal combustion engine of a gasoline engine?

a gasoline engine is an Internal combustion engine

Who created the first gasoline powered vehicle?

Karl Friedrich Benz, born 25th November 1844, is generally regarded as the inventor of the first automobile powered by a gasoline engine.

What could happen if you put diesel fuel in a flex fuel engine?

Flex fuel does not mean you can use diesel. It means the engine can run on pure gasoline or on E85 gasoline. If you put diesel in this vehicle it simply will not run. Diesel can only be used in a diesel engine.

What came first petrol engine or diesel engine?

The gasoline engine came first. The gasoline engine was invented and patented in 1823 with the first efficient gasoline engine developed in 1876. The diesel was invented in 1893 which was 70 years after the gasoline engine.