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2011 Chevrolet silverado

chevy silverado 6.2l , ford has more hp and torque in 6.2 but i show u

both will have a 6.2 liter engine


0-60 testing

ford : 0-60 = 7.19 seconds

chevy : 0-60 = 6.61 seconds


hp and torque test

ford : 6.2L = 411 hp and 434 LB-FT of torque

chevy : 6.2L =403 hp and 417 LB-FT of torque


towing test

ford : 6.2L = 11,300 LB

chevy : 6.2L = 10,600 LB


i used a very accurate gps and speedometer and took off the limiters off both trucks and these r the top speed results i found (and i did this at a cement closed course)

ford : 6.2L = 153.34 MPH

chevy : 6.2L = 171.86 MPH

'bout 20 mph diff and ford has more hp and torque

srry dodge , Nissan ,Toyota , gmc wernt in here but chevvy is the fastest :D


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Q: What is the fastest pickup truck on the market?
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