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The part is called a headliner, the material is usually cloth glue to a foam/composite board.

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The headliner.

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Q: What is the fabric on the inside roof of a car called?
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Is there a way you can air out the smoke in your car It does not have leather seats so it the fabric and also the smell out of the roof of the car which is also fabric?


What is the roof of a car called?

The roof

How is a car without a roof called?

A car without a roof is called a convertible

What is the window on the roof of a car called?

Sun roof

What do you call the part that is inside the roof of the car to help you get out of car?

it's called a door you idiots Actually, I believe the question asking was refering to a "sunroof."

What is the inside light in a car called that glows when door is opened?

the light in the roof is called the interior or dome light. if the light is on a door it is called a courtesy light

Is the roof of a car called a turret?


What is the ceiling of the car called?

the headliner or roof

What is cloth in the roof of a car called?

In the auto industry, it is called the "head liner".

How do you eliminate cigarette smoke from cars?

Shampoo the upholstery, carpet and the fabric interior roof, use window cleaner on the windows, use a cleaning solution on the doors and other solid surfaces inside the car. Use a leather cleaner if your seats are leather. If the smoker smoked with the car windows closed and the car reeks of tobacco smoke you cannot rid the car of the stench.

Were do you take your car to repair a torn roof interior in a car?

A body shop may do it but you can do it your self and save buy going out buying the fabric of your choice and some glue probably better to use fabric glue or hot glue apply a thin layer of glue all around the roof in a waving pattern then put the fabric on top and smooth it out until all the wrinkles out then let dry this worked for me i did a mossy oak camouflage pattern on the roof of my 4 wheel drive ans it turned out just like the factory did it hope it works for you

What does a car with top down mean?

Some cars have those removable tops on them or the tops of the cars go back so it has no roof, which are called convertibles . As the car can change from closed top (roof) to an open top (roof).