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In matters by state. Although most states have the drivers ed class for age 15/16

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Q: What is the earliest age you can take driving lessons?
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Is the age 49 too old to take driving lessons?


What age can you get driving lessons in the UK?

In the UK you can obtain a provisional driving licence at the age of 17, this will enable you to take lessons on a public road, however you can take lessons at any age on private land, assuming your arms and legs are long enough to reach the controls.

What is the age for driving lessons in michigan?

In order to take driving lessons in Michigan, the learner's license is required and the person must be at least 14 years and 9 months old.

What is the minimum age you can start driving in Germany?

Your child has to be 12 or older

At what age should I start my child on guitar lessons?

Any young age is good, but six years is probably the earliest you'd want.

Can you take driving lessons at the age of 16?

You effectively can't take lessons until your 17th birthday, but you can apply for your provisional licence (Which you need at the very minimum to drive a car on a public road) up to three months before your 17th birthday. IF Your provisional licence is validated before your 17th you can start lessons. Alternatively you can take what is known as "Off-Road" lessons on areas away from the road (ie. car parks, industrial estates etc.) , or drive on private land, which you can do from any age. You can also take motorbike lessons (50cc or under) from your 16th birthday with a 'Moped Licence'.

Can you drive a tractor on a HR license?

You can drive an agricultural tractor unaccompanied to and from tractor driving lessons at the age of 16.

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What age do you need to be to do your permit test?

That varies from state to state. I'd go to the BMV and ask them there or google "Age Requirement for Learner's Permit" followed by your state. In Indiana, you have to be 15 if you are attending driver's education, or 16 if you're not.