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It has low sulfur, use additive

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Q: What is the disadvantage of low sulfur Diesel fuel for old diesel?
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Can you use 500ppm diesel in a common rail engine?

Pre 2007 diesel engines can run on 500 ppm diesel fuel. 2007 and later diesel engines that call for ultra low sulfur diesel fuel should not. These systems use EGR and the extra sulfur in the diesel creates sulfuric acid by nature and will then be reintroduced into the combustion process. Even later diesel engines are using diesel particulate filters that are sensitive to the extra sulfur. Bottom line, if your engine says that it is rated for ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (15ppm) use it.

Will low sulfur diesel fuel harm new diesel engines?

It shuoldn't but I would check with the manufacture of the diesel engine you have..

What fuel do trucks have?

93 octane gasoline if it is not a diesel other wise it is a low sulfur diesel.

What is the allowable sulfur content in diesel for e common rail direct injection diesel engine?

run what is recommended. but higher sulfur will not hurt it at all current diesel fuel is 50ppm

What is the amount Difference between high sulfur and low sulfur diesel?

There is not a clear cutoff point between "high and Low sulfur diesel". Ultra low sulfur diesel ULSD is what is currently required for on road use. ULSD can contain no more than 15 ppm sulfur (15 micrograms sulfur per gram of fuel or 0.0015 wt.%). Low sulfur diesel would contain more sulfur than ULSD and high sulfur diesel more than low sulfur diesel.

Can you use high sulfur in 2008 Ford truck?

you can but it will cause damage to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and other emission componets. It would take about $8,000.00 to replace parts. As far as I know all diesel that is sold now is ULSD.per for shop manuelNOTICE: For areas where ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (15 ppm sulfur maximum) is required, use only ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in diesel vehicles equipped with an Oxidation Catalytic Converter (OC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). In a diesel vehicle that is continually misfueled by using low sulfur (16-500 ppm) or high sulfur (500 ppm or greater) diesel fuel, the sulfur can effectively poison the catalyst. Continuous use of low sulfur or high sulfur can destroy the catalyst and render the catalyst useless.

Can a marine diesel engine run on highway diesel fuel?

Yes. The difference is that marine diesels do not (yet) have to run a diesel particulate filter, SCR, and other on-highway emissions controls, and thus can use low sulfur diesel fuel. Highway engines use Ultra Low Sulphur diesel fuel (ULSD) because of emissions requirements. Now, bear in mind that ULSD has less lubricity than low sulfur diesel fuel.

Does sulfur dissolve in diesel?

Yes it does. ALL diesel has at least a little bit of sulfur in it; sulfur is in all crude oil. They could remove all the sulfur from diesel, but a slight amount is left in because it lubricates the engine. Low-sulfur diesel contains no more than 500 parts per million of sulfur. This fuel is legal to use in any engine made on or before December 31, 2006. Ultra-low-sulfur diesel contains no more than 15 parts per million of sulfur. This fuel is required for all engines made after January 1, 2007, and you can use it in any diesel engine.

What effects will low sulfur diesel fuel have on a marine Detroit diesel engine with turbos?

low sulphur diesel will have no effect whatever. new lubricants have been added to fuel to compensate for the reduction of the sulphur

How is sulfuric acid introduced during combustion process of diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel contains compounds of sulfur that are oxidized during combustion to produce sulfur trioxide, which dissolves in water to form sulfuric acid.

Is airport diesel fuel ultra low sulfur?

Not yet, nor is it important.

What trucks run on diesel fuel?

Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is a standard for defining diesel fuel with An engine running on diesel compresses the air inside the cylinder to high pressures refrigeration units on vans/trucks which contain perishable items such as food