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Measurement is the quantity at which any material can be measured or can know its value.

Inspection is the process by which one checks the content whether it is ok or not ok

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Q: What is the difference between measurement and inspection?
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What is inspection and what is quality?

difference between inspection and quality control?

What is difference between inspection and quality control?

One difference is that "inspection" implies carefully looking at some thing or situation with a particular purpose. On the other hand, "supervision" implies overseeing a process to ensure completion or effectiveness.

Why the difference between miles and knots?

Miles are a measurement of distance, a knot is a measurement of speeed.

What is the difference between volume and dimension?

Volume is a measurement of capacity. Dimension is a linear measurement.

What is the difference between inspection and observation?

There are slight differences between the terms inspection and observation. Inspection is when a person takes a very close look at the details of something or someone. An observation is an opinion that is done from a distance.

What is the difference between actual measurement and estimate?

An actual measurement is going to be more accurate than an estimate.

What is the name given to the difference between an actual and a predicted measurement?


Give the principal difference between counting and measurement?

i dont know.hahahah..

What is the difference between the greatest and least measurement?

Subtract the least measurement from the greatest one. That will give you the difference. If you're talking about a set of numbers, that's known as the range.

What is the difference between a periodic and scheduled inspection?

periodic means on a regular basis. The inspection is done for example every two weeks while a scheduled inspection is done just once and only when you ask for it

What is the difference between a safety audit and a safety insepction?

In may cases there is no difference between a Safety Audit and a Safety Inspection. Where there is one, it is because a particular company has specified that.

What is the difference between 6.5L and 4.7L?

That is the liter measurement of an engine. The larger the measurement, the bigger the engine. they measure the capacity of the cylinders to get it.