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The graduated cylinder is obviously graduated and the other one isn't.

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Q: What is the difference between graduated cylinder and cylinder?
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What is a difference between a balance and a graduated cylinder?

The cylinder measures volume, the balance measures weight.

What is the difference between beaker and graduated cylinder in terms of measuring a volume of liquid?

beaker holds the H2o been measured by the graduated cylinder

What is the difference between graduated cylinder and a triple beam balance?

The cylinder measures volume, the balance measures weight.

Which tool would you use to see how much water is in something a measuring cup or a graduated cylinder?

There's not too much of a difference between a graduated cylinder and a measuring cup, other than 'graduated cylinder' is more science talk.

What is the difference between balance and graduated cylinder?

Balance measures weight. The graduated cyliner measures volume. Think scale and measuring cup.

Which graduated cylinder 1000 50100 or 10 mL is the most accurate?

Technically, as long as both are 'accurate,' both are acceptable. However, we don't live in an ideal world. In a 10mL graduated cylinder, the height difference between 1mL is visible, where in a 1L (1000mL) graduated cylinder, 1mL of difference isn't quite visible.

What is the difference between pipette and graduated cylinder?

Pipette can hold a small amount of liquid but a graduate cylinder can hold more and its good for accuracy.

What is the difference between a test tube and a graduated cylinder?

Though they come in various sizes, test tubes are simply glass tubes. A graduated cylinder, however, has approximate measurements for varying volumes of liquid.

How do doctors use graduated cylinders?

the graduated cylinder made a really big difference when the doctors use it to measure the volume

How do you measure a solid using a graduated cylinder?

Fill the graduated cylinder with water, and measure the volume. Now put the item in, measure the water's volume again, and take the difference

What tool measures a graduated cylinder?

Graduated cylinder is a tool to measure volumes.

To find the density of an object you would use a graduated cylinder to find what characteristic of the object?

You can use a graduated cylinder to measure an object's volume.Fill the cylinder with water up to some convenient mark that's deeper than the object, and notethe volume of water in the cylinder. Than immerse the object in the water in the cylinder and notethe volume again. The difference between the two volume readings is the volume of the object.In my house, we have graduated cylinders which we refer to as our "measuring cups".