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A tow motor does just that, tow. A forklift lifts and moves freight.

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Q: What is the difference between a tow motor and a forklift?
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What is the difference between a forklift and a tow motor?

a forklift has a tower on the front for lifting. a tow motor has nothing for lifting, is straight out made for towing small trailers about

Why is it called a lift truck and sometimes forklift?

Just a difference in dialects between regions/countries. Some people refer to them as Tow Motors.

How do you push a forklift up a ramp with another forklift?

Pushing a forklift up a ramp is quite unsafe. Much better to place them back to back and connect a strong chain to a secure point on both vehicles and tow it up, with the tow vehicle going forward and the disabled vehicle in reverse.

What is scale photography?

itis when you compare between tow things and show the difference between them clearly

Can you tow a 2002 Toyota Prius behind a motor home?

You can tow any car behind your motor home..

What class a b c for tow motor?

No motor vehicle license is required on private property. The tow motor/fork lift truck is not designed to be driven on public roads, but you do have to be certified to operate a tow motor/fork lift truck.

What is difference between vga and lcd display?

The main difference between the tow is the signal. VGA uses an analog signal and DVI is a digital signal.

What is the cost difference between tow trucks that tow and ones that are flatbeds?

Tow trucks generally hook up to the car with the tow cable and they will pull the car and 2 wheels will ride on the road. A flatbed tow truck will use the tow cable to pull the car up on the bed and let it ride there.

1999 Jeep Wrangler tow capacity?

The tow capacity is 2000 pounds for the I6 motor.

Do Tow Motor drivers have to be licensed By tow motor you mean the same as what is used at airports to carry luggage - NO lifting equipment involved Is there legislation regarding tow motors?

We can not answer your question because the laws in different countries are different.

Does AAA tow Motor homes?

AAA doesn't tow anything - they have a network of companies which provides services for them.

Can you tow anything like a small trailer behind a street legal motor scooter?

It could be done, and legally, but a motor scooter is far from being the ideal tow platform.