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a leaded engine requires you use gasoline with a lead additive which helps stop knocks and pings but is very hard on the environment, but on the plus side the leaded fuel would actually lubricate your valves and other fuel system components like the floats in the carburetter a non leaded uses fuel with different types of additives which believe it or not still contains a small amount of lead

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Q: What is the difference between a leaded and unleaded petrol engine?
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How do you tell difference between leaded and unleaded petrol in a can?

I don't think there is a way to visually tell the difference between leaded and unleaded fuel. However, leaded gasoline has become "extinct" and it is more likely that you have unleaded gasoline in the can.

What will happen if i run unleaded gas in a leaded fuel engine?

I don't believe there is a such thing as a leaded fuel engine. All gasoline is unleaded, some just a higher grade.

What is the difference between leaded and unleaded fuel type?

Leaded fuel which has been banned for sale in the U.S. has a lead additive added during the refinery process.

Does the jetta csx take leaded or unleaded fuel?

try a mixture of half leaded and half turpentine substitute i used to use leaded, but then decided to give unleaded a shot, works better for me, and had the engine checked.. No damage

what is the more economic fuel leaded or unleaded?

leaded fuel is economic compared to unleaded because more distance is covered with leaded than unleaded

What is the different between leaded and unleaded fuel?

leaded fuel contains lead which damages the engine while unleaded fuel contains negligible amount of lead.... on older engines the lead in the gasoline was to lubricate the valve stems in newer cars they have designed that requirement out

Will leaded fuel in an unleaded car hurt the engine?

It won't hurt the engine but it will hurt the catalytic converter.

Can unleaded fuel be used in a car meant to run leaded?

No, it will mess the engine up

Should I use Leaded or Unleaded fuel in my 2006 Harley FXST?

Unleaded fuel should always be used in a modern engine. Leaded fuel causes a detrimental buildup that will quickly destroy your bike.

Is unleaded gas to be used in Mercury 1978 engine?

An engine of that era would run better on leaded gas.

Own 54 kit car with early Volkswagen motor what gas should you use leaded or unleaded?

The engine originally ran on leaded gas (hence, no torque converter). Leaded gas is no longer available (in the US), but the vehicle will run well on unleaded.

Does kawasaki klf300b 1989 need unleaded petrol?

Unleaded fuel was introduced in the mid 1980s, it depends what engine it has, if it needs leaded fuel you will need a new engine