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nothing really, they are twins

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Q: What is the difference between a Toyota townace and liteace?
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When was Toyota TownAce created?

Toyota TownAce was created in 1983.

Toyota 2y engine timing marks on a townace?

does my toyota townace 1996 2.0L have a timing belt or a timing chain?

How many seating capacity of Toyota liteace?


Toyota townace tire pressure?

20 PSI all round.

Does Toyota townace have timing belt or timing chain?

yes it has a belt

How do you unlock a 97 Toyota liteace?

bakit? may i ca-carnap kayo ?............................

How long will a Toyota townace cambelt last after the cambelt light comes on?

The cambelt should be changed every 100,000 miles on a Toyota Townace. If the light is on that is signifying that there may be something wrong with it so it should be checked as soon as possible.

What is the engine size for Toyota GXL 5k engine?

If you mean the Toyota gxl liteace with 5k engine, it is 1496 cc for the gasoline or petrol feed engine.

What is the difference between a 2000 model Toyota Camry and a 2001 Toyota Camry?

There is no difference.

Where is thermostat on Toyota 2Y-C motor townace Where is thermostat on Toyota 2Y-C motor?

follow the radiator hose in that goes between the power steer pump and the alternator on left hand side I had a look and decided to get the local garage to do it. good luck

Where is fuse box on Toyota liteace 1985?

I can't answer for all of them, but on mine, it's under a panel below the glove compartment on the front passenger side

What are the tire pressures for Toyota Liteace Van?

mine I use 35 psi for the 2 front tires and 40 psi for the 2 rear tires.