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Fire engine is 120 Decibels which is also the threshold of pain.

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Q: What is the decibel level of a fire engine siren?
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How loud is the loudest alarm clock?

Sound is measured in decibels. Decibels are units used to measure the intensity of sound. The highest decibel alarm clock available is 120 decibels, which can be compared to be as loud as the sound of a fire engine siren.

Name something that has a siren?

fire engine; police vehicle; ambulance

What is a decibel why is it important?

Decibel is the unit in which we measure how loud a sound is. Whenever we want to be able to say if something is too loud (like an industry next to a residential area) or too quiet (like a fire alarm siren) we need something like the decibels to know what we're talking about.

Siren in queenstown nz?

Fire department siren.

On a garbage disposal their is a red button on the bottom what does it do?

it may be a siren for if their will be fire or something related. I know for a fact there is no siren on my disposal No fire in the hole!!

What is the fire truck siren frequency?

That depends on the type of siren. If you mean a Q then there is no set frequency.

What is the function of an IC UM3561?

it is used to generate 4 kinds of sounds-police siren,fire alarm,ambulance and gun siren

Do golden retrievers howl in the night?

Golden retrievers howl when they hear a sound that hurts their ears, such as a fire siren. A golden's howl actually sounds just like a fire siren.

What has a siren?

A police car, a fire truck, some buildings, and more

What do hose ladder siren Dalmatian and red have in common?

Fire Truck

Does a police vehicle have more right of way when it has its lights flashing and siren on than a fire truck with its lights flashing and siren on?

No. Ambulances and firefighting vehicles get precedence.

What is the title of this movie A mother and her child are at a parade when a fire engine comes by and blasts it siren All the other babies cry but the mother notices her baby is asleep and deaf?

mr. Hollands oppus