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Japan. originally Kayaba Research Center founded by Shiro Kayaba

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Q: What is the country of origin of kyb shock absorbers?
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What are the best shock absorbers for Subaru liberty?

monroe or gabriel I'm a big fan of KYB. If I remember right, that's Subaru's OEM supplier.

What is good shocks Monroe or KYB?

KYB definitely

Where are kyb shocks made?

KYB is based in Japan, but shocks are manufactured all over the world. KYB owns 15 production plants in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Where could I get some KYB shocks?

There are many online shops that sell KYB shocks. is one of online shop that sells KYB shocks for any kind of auto cars. You can visit

How do you find shocks for a lifted vehicle?

You can either go to summitracing or jegs(they have 4 wheeler sections), a lift kit manufacturer web site or a shock manufacturer web site like( fox, walker racing, bilstein, KYB). I noticed you click Cadillac category, so I would recommend the shock manufacturers, since you would need a more street oriented shock.

What type of suspension is on a 2002 MDX?

Struts in front, shocks in rear. KYB are similar, if not better than the original.

On a 94 caprice what is da best shocks and springs for da front?

KYB shocks for shure and OEM springs....Rick D

What brand of car parts will interchange with a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001?

There are hundreds of them. The most common are KYB, Moog, Raysbestos, Greddy and so on.

What are the pros and cons of getting work done on my car at KYB Shocks?

KYB Shocks is generally recognized as a reputable provider, and has numerous high scoring reviews. While they sell a dependable product, they do not generally install the equipment, so you will have to either install the components yourself or identify a local auto professional in your area to install the after market equipment.

Where can I buy Kyb Shocks online? This is a link where you can buy KYB Shocks online for sale with great highly reviews. all vehicles are equipped with some form of suspension damping control. they may use hydraulic fluid, air, gas or be electrically controlled. the two most widely used internal designs are twin-tube and monotube.

Does the 2006 suzuki forenza have strut problems?

Yes, 3 of the 4 struts have blown on my 06 Forenza. There have been no after market struts available until recently. KYB now offers replacement struts for the Forenza. $120 to $130 range is what I have been quoted, or you can get them online at WWWdotROCKAUTOdotCOM for around $70 each. Don't buy Suzuki replacement struts. Spend the money and get the KYB struts. I believe they have lifetime warranties.

Do any water resistant keyboards have a built in mouse?

Yes, the KYB Keyboard Built-in Touchpad USB Waterproof Mouse Black Dustproof is a waterproof keyboard that also has a built-in mousepad. It is also relatively cheap, considering all of its features.