What is the cost of driving?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Economically the cost of driving includes:

Research and development - making the car

Raw Materials for the car


Amount of money (taxes) to make cars to drive.

Opportunity cost of not driving

EDIT: The question is the cost of driving, not manufacturing. Take that and the manufacturer taxes out as they are irrelevant (no offence to the original author).

Your costs would be the overheads like fluids, fuel, maintenance and service, road insurance, registration, licensing, third party coverage and personal accoutrements such as seat covers, stereo, modifications and enhancements. Basically work out what you need adding the approximate overheads based on your research of diverse driver experiences and motor vehicle types used. Read up on motor reliability, fuel economy and longevity to equate to a long-term cost efficiency.

As for the cost of not driving, this is a valid point as public transport is a cheap and efficient way to commute to places where you can factor out the money saved on fuel and parking. To save even more money in the longer term, have the car garaged often and it will survive for a longer period saving you even more money on maintenance and keeping the motor cleaner.

No, I am neither a motor vehicle salesman, insurance broker or public servant... FYI, I am a classic car collector. Respect the road and it will respect you.

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Q: What is the cost of driving?
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