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for a truck its usaully about 600

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Q: What is the cost of a suspension lift kit installation?
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How do you lift a truck?

You need to buy a suspension lift kit or a body lift kit... a suspension kit is better and looks nicer

Do they make a suspension lift kit for 2004?


Do you need a leveling kit if you bought a 6 fabtech suspension kit or when you put the lift on will it level it out?

Normally a suspension lift kit levels the truck's nose with the rear. It may depend on the type of lift, but that's normally the case.

Will a 4wd 1998 Chevy lift kit on a 2000?

Body lift MAYBE. suspension lift ? NO...

How much does a lift kit?

good question depends on what kind of lift body or suspension and what is the lift going on

What is the highest street legal suspension lift kit?

as big as you want it..

When installing a suspension lift kit on a vehicle that already has a body lift kit how should you determine what length of shocks to use?

The body lift does not matter, it just lifts the body. The only thing you need to worry about is the length the new suspension will add to the stock suspension. For example if you put on a 4" suspension lift then you will need to add about 5" - 7" inches in the shock to make sure you have enough up and down travel within the suspension lift, and that it does not "bottom out".

How do you lift the suspension on a 1985 bronco II?

buy a kit off the internet

How much does a lift kit cost?

A lift kit will vary in cost depending on the size, quality, and vehicle. They can cost as little as $99 and as much as several thousands of dollars.

What is the largest suspension lift kit?

It depends if you want a bolt on kit or a custom kit, the largest bolt on kit is a 24" Full Throttle supension kit for a 99-04 F-250, F-350, and Excursion, you can fit any size tire underneath it. then you have the custom lift kits, the largest recorded on a street legal truck is a 52" lift with 54" boggers. I personally own an Excursion with the 24" lift kit, and I own an 01 dodge 1500 with 14" suspension lift with a custom 4 inch body, sitting on 49 iroks.

Can you install a body lift kit on top of a spacer lift kit?

Of course. Body lifts just lift the body of the vehicle. While spacer lift kits lift your vehicle using the suspension. Body lifts will not improve clearance while spacer lift kits will.

Do you need to change anything when putting a 2 inch suspension lift on a jeep Wrangler?

A 2 inch suspension lift is minimal. You should be able to install the kit without changing and stock parts.