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Stop bumper.

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Q: What is the concrete bump called in the front of a parking space?
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What do you call the concrete block at the end of a parking space?


What kind of parking should you use when the parking space is on a diagonal to the curb?

it is called angle parking

Is it legal to back into a parking space in Indiana since there are no front plates?


Who is at fault when you are traveling in your lane of traffic and a car pulling from a parking space along the side of the road crashes into the front passenger fender of your car?

The car pulling from the parking space is at fault

Who is at fault if a person leaves an item in front of an empty parking space in a parking garage that results in someone running over the item?

Depends if the person who left the item in front of the empty parking space left the item there on purpose. Thanks for the information. The item was left there because the person was unloading it from their trunk.

Who's at fault if you are pulling into a parking space and are more than halfway into it when the driver in the space to your right opens her door and hits the front right fender of your car?

It can be called a 50/50 accident... ususally the adjuster can determine that.

How can I protect my front bumper from being damaged when parallel parking?

While there is no right way to parallel park, there are several unwritten rules to parallel parking that everyone should know. Rule#1 Never upset another parallel parker, especially if they park in front or behind you. Some things that upset other drivers are (a) not leaving them enough space to manuever out of a parking space (b) parking your vehicle with your front bumper mashed into their rear bumper. Rule#2 To keep your bumpers safe when parking, never park in a tight space and always give other cars enough space to exit a parking spot. A driver that's locked into a parking spot is like a caged animal...they will bump your car as many times as needed.

What is the thing filling the space between concrete slabs called?


A parking space is 7.5metres by 5.2 meters what is the area of the parking space?


Can the city put a handicap parking space in front of your house for your neighbor?

Despite common belief to the contrary, you do not have any legal right to the unimpeded access to the public curbspace in front of your home or business. Therefore, yes, the city could designate the space in front your home as a handicapped parking space. Perhaps it might be wise to contact your city councilman and speak to them about the "unfairness" of this, and ask that it be reconsidered. Does the neighbor have a suitable space in front of their home? If not, the city may simply have designated the closest spot to his residence.

Can you rent your parking space?

Yes, i can rent out parking space, either privately or through platforms that facilitate parking space rentals. check out my website for parking lots for rent : www . ioslist . com

What parking maneuver to use when the parking space is at a 90-degree angle to the curb?

The parking maneuver that is used when the parking space is at a 90-degree angle to the curb is perpendicular parking. the car should be in the center of the space and the wheel should be turned straight.