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120 P.S.I. is acceptable low, 130 is good 135 is factory startup/breakin period required.

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Q: What is the compression on a 1995 wildcat 700 engine?
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What size carburetor are on a arctic cat 700 wildcat 1993?


What is the horsepower of a 1992 Arctic Cat Wildcat 700 cc snowmobile?

about 110

How much should i sell my 98k mile 1995 v8 4.6L Mercury Cougar engine for?


What is a compression ratio?

Compression Ratio is the ratio between the original volume and the compressed volume in combustion chamber. The compression ratio is denoted as CR. It is the measure of how much air-fuel mixture is compressed during the compression stroke in the case of the gasoline engine (in the case of the diesel engine only air is compressed. Compression ratio is found by dividing the volume of stroke of the cylinder (swept volume) and clearance volume when the piston is at BDC by the volume when the piston is at TDC (ie clearance volume). Compression ratio= (Swept volume + Clearance volume) / Clearance volume. For example engine has a Swept volume of 700 cc. It has clearance volume 50 cc. Compression ratio= (700 + 80) / 80 =9.75: 1 It means Air fuel mixture is compressed to 1/9.75 of its original volume during compression stroke.

1994 arctic cat wildcat 700 efi runs but dies?

Are the battery and charging system in good shape?

What is the horsepower of a 1994 arctic cat wildcat 700 efi snowmobile?

140-150 depends on aftermarket parts, miles, use, so on.

Check engine lamp light up on Volvo 940 1995?

What is the Question? Where is the CEL? How do you read the codes? Your Answer is HERE;

Why does a a 93 wildcat 700 efi backfires when throttle engaged?

The carbs are out of line or you have flooded one of them. Take the plugs out give the machine about a dozen pulls to clean out the engine and then try that again. If it doesn't work replace the plugs and set the carbs back to factory settings.

What is the idle setting for 1995 Honda?

It depends what Honda you have. For the 1995 Civic the idle speed settings are:D13B2 ENGINE......800+/-50 RPMD15Z1 ENGINE......700+/-50 RPMD15B2 ENGINE......810+/-50 RPMD15B7 ENGINE......750+/-50 RPMD16Z6 ENGINE......750+/-50 RPMWith the IAC valve disconnected (when setting up):All Engines (except D15B2)...420+/-50 RPMD15B2 ENGINE....................625+/-50 RPM

How many miles can a 2002 Honda shadow 700 go for?

gas, about 150 miles engine life, the sky's is the limit (but a Honda shadow might not be worth the repair cost) be sure to get a compression test at around 100k miles

How much is a V10 viper engine?

about 700 pounds

How fast does a 1995 Yamaha jet ski 700 go?