What is the choke on a motor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Provides extra air to the engine to help it start, especially when it is cold outside.

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Q: What is the choke on a motor?
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Where are the cables located fro the choke on a 19995 Buick Skylark 3.1 motor?

that engine has no choke

Why does a 1998 Yamaha yzf 600 not want idle without the choke on?

time to rebuilt carbs. when you choke a motor of any kind what you are doing is cutting of the air so the motor pulls more fuel. so this meaning that when you turn choke off not enough fuel is getting to the motor.

Can running lawnmower with choke on harm the motor?

MY lawn mower will start to sputter if I run the choke on after the motor is warmed up. It's getting fed too much fuel. Ease off on the choke and it will run better, usually.

Why do i Have to mess with choke while cutting grass or riding the mower around?

If you have to turn the choke on a little, the motor is starving for fuel. need to clean the carburetor

Need gasket for choke thermostat 0n a 225 slant six mopar?

want choke thermostat GASKET for 1971 Plymouth 225 cu in motor

Why do kids choke more then adult?

kids are developing motor skills where adults have mastered theirs

How do you wire a Chevy Camaro with a 350 manual choke?

need more info. what year what motor?...factory motor or rebuld and what wires are you wanting to know

How do you adjust carburetors on 1965 evinrude out board motor Runs with the choke on?

If it runs with the choke on, Then it will not do any good to adjust them. It is running lean/ not getting fuel. The carburetors have dirt in the fuel jets and that is why it won't run when choke is off. When choke is on that richins the fuel up and it try's to run. Need to clean the carbs out.

How do you use the choke on your 2004 crf450r?

you pull the black knob on the side of the motor tho help with cold starts.

If the choke is not hooked up does it effect the motor while it is running?

Yes. If the choke plate is sitting in there loose if can close by itself which would flood the engine. Also, without the choke you would have a very lean condition during cold start-up until the engine warms up.

What happen when you run the motorcycle with the choke on?

Nothing realy.. with the choke on the engine receives more fuel making it easier to run with a cold motor. after starting the engine, wait about two minutes before turning it off.

How does automatic choke work on a car?

hi . my question is ? why if run the motor car he not work the automatic choke after 5 minte he work , & after 40 minte if the rang the heat up inthe car hew is stop