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The cheapest but not necessarily the best European breakdown cover is provided by Green Flag. Some other options are RAC, Drive24-7, AA Europe, StartRescue, ETA, RescueMyCar, Insurance Choice, Insure4Breakdown, The Green Insurance, Kwik-Fit Insurance, Churchill and a number of others.

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Q: What is the cheapest European breakdown cover?
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What kind of assistance does a European Breakdown Cover provide for motorists?

European Breakdown Cover is a program of that provides roadside assistance to English speaking motorists in Europe. This program has been in existence for the past 100 years.

Which financial institutions offer European breakdown cover?

A few financial institutions that offer European breakdown cover are Green Flag, RAC and Direct Line. All of these companies have websites as well if you wish to compare them.

What kinds of services are offered with European breakdown cover?

European breakdown cover usually includes a mechanic to cover your vehicle and attempt to fix it by the roadside. If this is not possible, then they may take you to your next destination if close by, or let you hire a care until it is fixed.

What is the cheapest driver's training?

This is the "AA" driving company but it includes free breakdown cover and roadside assistance.

What areas does an annual European breakdown cover cover?

The European breakdown assistance covers the whole of the EU. The annual cover may have other benefits, including emergency accommodation funding, or cash for the hire of a replacement car while the individual's own car is being repaired.

What does European breakdown insurance cover?

"European breakdown insurance usually covers roadside assistance, local garage recovery, English speaking call centers for travellers abroad, and emergency accomodations and transport, should your vehicle breakdown."

How can the costs of roadside breakdown cover by different providers be compared?

The costs of different roadside breakdown covers can be compared by ringing up each of the companies and requesting a quote for the type of cover that you are interested in. Then, when all of the quotes have been compiled, the cheapest cover can be chosen.

What companies provide low-cost European breakdown coverage?

"There are several companies that provide low-cost European breakdown coverage. One of them is Breakdown Direct--some others are Drive Alive, Breakdown Cover Online, Green Flag, RAC, and Gem Motoring Assist."

What services does RAC roadside assistance provide?

The RAC Roadside Assistance provides various breakdown covers. They offer both UK and European breakdown cover, blue badge cover as well as motorbike and horse trailer cover and assistance.

Which companies offer Euro Breakdown Cover?

One of the highest rated companies to offer European Breakdown Cover is AA Europe. Others include GreenFlag and Insurance Choice. This is basically auto insurance for breakdowns.

What does Green Flag breakdown cover include?

Green Flag breakdown cover can include a variety of benefits. They offer 5 levels of cover, starting at the basic roadside assistance. For additional costs the benefits may include home start, nationwide recovery, or European cover.

How cheap can a van breakdown cover be?

Van breakdown coverage is roughly the same as what roadside assistance would be in the United States. The cheapest rates for van breakdown coverage in the United Kingdom starts at 27 pounds for a vehicle and 38 pounds for a person.