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When it comes to saving money on gas and electricity there are more options available today than at any other point in history. There are electric car options, sun energy, and corn ran systems available now.

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Q: What is the cheaper gas and electricity provider?
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What Is cheaper natural gas or electricity?

Natural gas used to be much cheaper, but with rising oil prices its about on par with electric now. The price for gas will most likely continue to rise though. So, electricity is cheaper.

How does someone determine which electricity or gas provider they can use?

One can determine which electricity and gas providers they can use by locating a provider within their area. Companies like All Connect help one determine which provider to use.

What is the average price of gas electricity?

The average price of gas and electricity varies from location to location and service provider. In the UK, with British Gas, the average price is _«£131 per month for both.

Are electric cars cheaper than gas cars?

I don't think most consumers realize that fueling a car with electricity is much cheaper than fueling a car with gas

Why is heating a home with natural gas usually the cheapest option compared to heating with electricity?

There are many reason why natural gas is usually a cheaper option for heating when compared to heating with electricity. The biggest reason is heating with therms is cheaper than kilowatts.

Why gas burner is more economical compare to electrical burner?

Because gas LPG or Propane is a cheaper product than Electricity

What is cheaper to use a 1500 watt or 5000 btu heater?

It depends on the cost of electricity and the cost of natural gas in your area. Generally, using a 5000 BTU natural gas heater is cheaper than using a 1500 watt electric heater. Natural gas is typically more cost-effective for heating compared to electricity.

Where could one find an explanation for gas and electricity bills online?

One can find the explanation for gas and electricity bills online by going the website of their service provider, or the following sources: Which, Age UK, British Gas, N Power for a general explanation.

What is cheaper for electric usage radiators or central heating?

The cheapest option between electric, radiators and central heating is Gas Central Heating. The reason that gas is cheaper than electric is because electricity costs 4-6 times more than gas.

Why is gas typically cheaper than electricity?

For vehicles, electricity has a lower cost per mile than gasoline. For home use, electric heating units are cheaper than those that use oil or a mix of oil and gas for home heating. Overall electricity can be created in more ways than gasoline so there are more sources of it whereas gasoline and petrol production is based on the cost per barrel of oil.

Which is Ireland's largest power station?

Ireland's largest power station is the Aghada gas-fired station. It is near Midleton in the east of the county of Cork. It is an electricity generating station, owned by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board), Ireland's main electricity provider.

Why is South Africa investing on gas-fired power stations?

South Africa is investing on gas-fired power stations because gas is a cheaper natural resource, it is efficient and does not produce a lot of pollution when it is burnt to generate electricity.