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the air flow from the filter or it might be inturnal

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Q: What is the cause of restricted air flow through the condenser?
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What would cause your 1997 Chevy cavalier to get hot?

Low on coolant. Cooling fans are not operating. Faulty thermostat. Air flow through radiator is restricted. Coolant flow through inside of radiator is restricted. Bad head gasket.

What is the cause of brain damage?

Accidents, restricted oxygen to the brain, restricted blood flow to the brain, infection, deformity during its development

Why tdbfp installed on turbine floor in thermal power plant?

TDBFP return drain is going to condenser hense TDBFP position should be above condenser elevation. If it's below turbone then return drain flow may be restricted. Sachin

Why is a condenser called a condenser?

The reason why it is called a barometric condenser is because it makes contact and it is a long vertical pipe into which it condensates and cools the liquid flow to accomplish the removal of pressure. It is also stated that when the pump is used the system is called a low level barometric condenser.

Why would a 2002 Cadillac STS run hot?

Air flow through radiator restricted with debris. Coolant flow through inside of radiator restricted with debris. Low on coolant. Faulty thermostat. Coolant fans inop.

Why is airflow restricted during an asthma attack?

because of the restriction on air flow through the trachea.

In Liebig condenser what will happen if the water flow from the upper part to the lower part of the condenser?

If the water flow in a Liebig condenser is reversed from its intended direction, the cooling efficiency will decrease and the condensation of vapor inside the condenser will be less effective. This can result in lower overall condensation efficiency and potentially affect the distillation process taking place.

What is one of the body reactions to a cut?

restricted blood flow to the area

How much water will flow through a one inch pipe in an hour if the flow is not restricted?

question cannot be answered because it depends on the water pressure

What can make the car get hot but not all the time?

A faulty fan clutch. A sticky thermostat. Low on coolant (leak in system). Missing fan shroud. Restricted air flow through radiator (plugged with debris). Restricted coolant flow through inside of radiator (in need of flushing).

What causes engine oil and engine coolant to run over 200 degrees?

Could be, Restricted air flow through outside of radiator, Restricted coolant flow through inside of radiator, Faulty fan clutch, Missing or broken radiator fan shroud, Faulty thermostat, Low on coolant,

Does dirty air filter cause dirty air?

No, it causes a restricted air flow, causing poor performance and fuel economy.