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Q: What is the cargo of a space vehicle called?
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What is a space for cargo called on a ship?

Hold - as in a cargo hold.

What would be the ideal vehicle to launch people and cargo into space?

A space shuttle, (rocket ship)

How many Japanese space vehicles have gone to the International Space Station?

The unmanned Japanese H-II cargo vehicle, called Kounotori, supplies the "Kibo" (Japanese Exeperiment Module) that was carried to the ISS between 2008 and 2009 aboard the Space Shuttle.

Why is stuff transported by land vehicle/ air vehicle called shipment but stuff that is transported by boat called cargo?

They are actually both called cargo. The act of shipping something is why it is called shipment. So when something is traveling by boat it is also called shipment. What they are transporting is called cargo.

What is an ascent vehicle?

An ascent vehicle is a means of transportation able to carry people or cargo into outer space from the surface of a planet or moon.

What are called vehicle used to fly into outer space?

the called space shuttles

What do you call the cargo space at the back of a pickup truck?

It's called a bed.

What is an Automated Transfer Vehicle?

An Automated Transfer Vehicle was an expendable cargo spacecraft developed by the European Space Agency, launched in March 2008 and ceased in 2014.

What is a cargo space in a ship?

I believe the cargo space in ships is referred to as the 'HOLD'

What is the vehicle called that rides on the moon?

A vehicle that rides on the moon is called a rover. One that flies to the moon is either a space shuttle or a space ship.

What is a space cargo bay?

a space

What are people called that operate a space vehicle?


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